January Presentation

I was happy to have recently presented on City of White Gold and its story at the Mechanics’ Institute, an organization that has existed in San Francisco since 1857. My presentation included a viewing of the new sample reel and relevant video clips from the film-in-progress. The audience was extremely receptive, and it was an inspirational event all around. Mechanics’ Institute  best describes the evening in their recent testimonial. Please read:

“We at the Mechanics’ Institute were really blown away by Geordie’s presentation of his documentary-in-progress, City of White Gold. He was invited to speak here as part of the Institute’s Authors’ Carnival series. The mission of these special events is to celebrate the speaker’s creative achievements while at the same time highlighting the creative process. Geordie’s presentation was exactly what we hoped for – informative for those who wanted to learn about the film and its subject, yet extremely helpful to those who were interested in the process of film making.

His passion for preserving San Francisco’s cultural heritage and communicating the historical record of the Comstock Lode was palpable – his speech was educational and vividly entertaining with anecdotes of the time period and characters involved. Geordie’s awareness of the intricate Silver Rush events and personalities is considerable, but his true gift is in expressing their magnitude and consequence to the rest of San Francisco and Western history.

While the documentary is not yet finished, Geordie’s presentation here left the audience thrilled with the prospect of its completion and sensitive to the trials of completing an independent film. I heartily recommend him as a speaker. We’re still talking about it here – can’t wait ‘till the film is finished! Then we can talk about a screening!

Taryn Edwards, Manager – Authors’ Carnival series
Mechanics’ Institute”

Thanks to MI for the testimonial and the invitation to speak!


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