Photos of Sample Reel Interviews

Stills from the recent interview shoot with UC Berkeley scholars Gray Brechin and Richard Walker. Thanks to Valerie Mandin-Kelly for the photography.


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Stay Tuned for Photos

Photos of the interviews and of the Virginia City shoot coming soon!

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Origins of a Concept

Some time ago, I heard Gray Brechin, historical geographer and best-selling author, speak of a little known era in San Francisco’s early history. I was awe-struck. What a concept, that Victorian San Francisco was built on the riches of something called the Comstock Lode. I had always thought that the City by the Bay had been built on one long era called the Gold Rush. My historical world was rocked when I suddenly learned that the early San Francisco I knew–the city of Golden Gate Park and incredibly unique and ornate Victorian architecture–came from an era that was dominated by silver. Silver mines of the Comstock Lode. On top of that, the builders of San Francisco who dominated the Lode lived lives that rivaled those of the east coast Robber Barons. After hearing Gray speak, I felt that the story must be told. My goal in making this film is to share my fascination of this subject with others, and in the process to provide some insight into Western history beyond the Gold Rush.

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