Back from the Comstock

I’m finally beginning to feel normal again after the intensity of planning for and shooting at the Comstock Lode last week. On Tuesday, four of us hoofed video camera and heavy equipment down a 4 hundred+ foot tunnel (called an adit, in mining terms) to film inside a Comstock mine (called: stope). We were in there filming for five hours. If a rock fell, we got a little nervous. I knocked my head at least 10 times, fortunately wearing a hard hat. But the pain was worth it; we got some really cool looking mine footage.

After filming down in the mine, I can’t help but to think about our connection to the earth. It is a natural connection. We share our dependence on it with all other creatures. Mother earth: nurturer and provider. Yet the value we place on its precious metals is strictly human. We will risk lives and pillage the earth in order to grab as much of that silver and gold as deemed necessary to enrich ourselves and our cultures. It has been the same relationship throughout history. The technology and circumstances change over the ages, but the psychology stays the same.

We also filmed two interviews in Virginia City, Nevada, which is the old mining town located directly above the legendary lode. We interviewed Ronald James, Nevada historical preservation officer, in the historic Fourth Ward School museum, about the early founders, about Comstock geology, and about mining the Lode in the Bonanza Age. We interviewed author Michael Makley, who has written about the major players of the saga. Interviewed in the historic Piper Opera House, Mr. Makley was full of anecdotes about Sharon, Ralston, the Bonanza Kings, and Adolph Sutro.

I look forward to posting pics and videos once I have the time to sort through everything.



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