Documentary in the Classroom

City of White Gold was recently presented to 8th grade social studies students at St. Mary School in Gilroy, CA. In this grade students learn about the Civil War and the subsequent Gilded Age. Geordie was happy to introduce the classroom to a new topic: the discovery of silver in 1859 and its dramatic impact on the West. The presentation was a great success. The class was engaged in an interactive discussion that included a viewing of the sample reel. The teacher later wrote: “you’ve made quite an impact. The students are aware of the Silver barons and have actually mentioned it a few times.”

Read the students’ impressions of the event:

“It was very interesting to hear about it because I had always known about the Gold Rush, but never about the Silver Rush. It turns out the Silver Rush was crucial in our American History.”


“I learned from Geordie Lynch that there was a silver rush after the gold rush. It made people rich, it lasted long, and it brought many people to California. His video was very effective and it helped me learn a lot. And I think other junior high students would enjoy it too.”


“He explained what the stock markets were, in a fun and effective way. He used fake money, and a stock market certificate to make the stock market clear to us… People would be part of the stock market, and people either became really rich, or in debt… It was harder to get the silver, because you had to go deep down in the mines and could easily get poisonous gases into your lungs… I did not know anything about the silver rush, and I was excited to learn about it.”


“Thanks for coming to into our class to let us learn about the silver rush and how stocks work… Also great job on your documentary, hopefully we find out when it debuts and I will be able to watch it at home with my family.”


“My reaction to Geordie Lynch’s video was that I was impressed on how good it was. Also it wasn’t just information, but it had a lot of pictures and it had background music.”


“I thought the documentary looked very professional and outstanding. I felt like I was watching the History Channel. It helps me to get an idea about what I want to do for my Civil War Project and how it should be done as far as filming, editing, and research.”


Thanks to Cecile Mantecon and her 8th graders for the invitation to share the subject and project with them!

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